How to become a producer?


  • Send an email to [email protected] with following information:
    • your desired username
    • your email address
    • a public bitcoin address
    • a small avatar (optional)
    • a link to examples of the images you want to upload
    • the source of the images you'll upload (own creation, purchased, open source images,...)
    • any traffic source you'll use to drive customers to your images (bitcointalk campaign, signatures, adwords,...)
  • Within 5 business days, you'll receive an email back with your initial password (which you can change the first time you log in) and the url to the admin interface
  • If you do not receive a reply within 5 days, contact me on bitcointalk (user mocacinno)


  • All content you upload HAS to be copyrighted to YOU... If you produce original content, you'll pay a much lower fee (thus have more profit)!
  • Eventough NSFW images are allowed, EVERYTHING has to be 100% legal in western european countries. If you follow the rules in Germany, France, The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, you should be fine...
  • No sick content (even if it's legal)... No piss, scat, CP, simulated rape, underage anime, torture,...
  • All content belongs to you... If i get requests from law enforcement agencies about one of these images, i'll foreward them to you...
  • As soon as an image is uploaded, it becomes immutable... It wouldn't be fair if i allowed you to change any parameter of your images after you started a campaign
  • All images become live the moment you upload them, however: they will only be shown on the main index page AFTER my approval. Up untill the point they become active on the main page, i reserve the right to delete any image for any reason without having to explain anything to anybody
  • No automatic payouts... The lightning network is brand new, all payments are manually created by me whenever i feel like it.
  • Bugs happen, i'm not responsible :)